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What is Zen Monkey Overnight Oatmeal?

Zen Monkey is Ready-to-Eat Overnight Oatmeal. It's a COMPLETE breakfast, which is pre-mixed and ready to go. All you need to do is grab it out of the fridge, get a spoon, and you're having breakfast. You're supposed to eat it cold (especially the Greek yogurt version).
For our Greek Yogurt line, we soak the oats in apple juice (without cooking them) and then mix it with equal parts fruit and yogurt.
For our Almond Milk line (which we only sell by special request), we soak the oats in plain almond milk (without cooking them) and mix in fruit and/or nuts. They're both seriously delicious.

Do you use non-GMO ingredients?

Zen Monkey takes pride in providing a genuinely healthy meal. We work very hard to provide a fresh wholesome product. We eat it pretty much everyday ourselves, so it would be silly to make something we didn’t believe in. We strive to source only the highest quality ingredients. The details on labeling a product “non-GMO” are relatively ambiguous and we want to provide as much transparency on our ingredients as possible to our customers. See below for details on each individual ingredient.

(direct from our supplier)
Are your products genetically modified?
No. All of our products originate from identity-preserved, non-GMO seeds. This means that the seed planted in the ground is non-GMO. We do not guarantee the complete absence of GMO materials in our products because of wind drift, pollinators and our lack of testing equipment.

Greek Yogurt
The yogurt in Zen Monkey come from cows NEVER treated with rBGH/rBST.
Some U.S. dairy farms inject the genetically engineered hormone rBGH, also called rBST, into their cows to boost milk production. Products with a label that indicates cows free of rBGH or rBST may come from cows fed GMO feed.

Non-GMO verification for dairy products is still being ironed out. The sticking point is how far up the supply chain you go. Yogurt comes from milk (obviously). Milk comes from cows (well, now it seems like milk comes from almonds and soy and goats and chickens and fish and everywhere else… our milk comes from cows). The GMO part is what these cows eat. For a yogurt to be non-GMO verified, the cows must eat non-GMO feed. Of course, there is not much non-GMO feed around… and so the big debate. In short, if a dairy product is non-GMO verified, it is almost always Organic certified. One of our core values is that healthy, wholesome food should be accessible to everyone. By sourcing organic yogurt, the price of a Zen Monkey would be almost double what it is now, and not very affordable.

Is it Gluten-Free?

Oatmeal does not contain gluten in nature, but due to cross contamination with wheat products on the same farmland and machinery processing product with gluten, oats do contain traces of gluten in them.
Gluten-free oats are farmed and processed in such a way that there is no cross-contamination. In terms of numbers, gluten-free oats have 0-20ppm (parts per million) gluten. The oats in Zen Monkey are 20-40ppm gluten, marginally higher.
Zen Monkey is currently made using extra thick rolled oats (not gluten-free).
If you have celiac disease or are highly sensitive to gluten, it is best to avoid anything not certified gluten-free (including Zen Monkey). But if you're just trying to cut down on gluten, the trace amounts of gluten residue in Zen Monkey should be fine.

Is it Organic?

We use the highest quality ingredients, but Zen Monkey is not certified organic. One of our core values is that healthy, wholesome food should be accessible to everyone. By sourcing organic ingredients, the price of a Zen Monkey would be almost double what it is now, and not very affordable.

What are the Nutrition Facts?

Here is a copy of the Nutrition Fact Panel for Strawberry. Each flavor is different. The nut flavors naturally have more fat and more calories. For more details, each flavor page on the website has a copy of the nutritional panel in the pictures. Go to the SHOP menu above, click on SINGLE FLAVOR PACKS, click on your flavor, and flip through the pictures. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to get in touch!

What about the sugar?

We hear about this ALL the time. No, sugar is NOT the enemy. It's present in all types of food and it's important to see where it comes from.
We have a ton of fruit in Zen Monkey. Blueberry has at least 20 blueberries, Apple Cinnamon has about half a small sized apple... there is no way to get the sugar out of the fruit (and that makes up for half the sugar).
The lactose in the Greek Yogurt is also sugar. It's like the sugar in plain milk.
Now do we use cane sugar? Unapologetically YES! We don't hide behind lies using crushed dates (which are pure sugar) and say no sugar added. Back in the day, some companies tried getting away by labeling sugar by calling it "Evaporated Cane Juice." So cane sugar is the juice that's extracted out of sugar canes, then dried up and ground down to make sugar. But companies tried calling it a juice to trick customers. We don't do that. We're all about transparency. No smoke and mirror marketing gimmicks here. We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated, with honesty and respect.
Ok, back to sugar! We put the equivalent of 4-5grams of sugar in each cup... but guess what... it's not gonna kill you! During our early days, we had forgotten to add the sugar once, and IMMEDIATELY received dozens and dozens of customer complaints about the taste! We were giving people samples at a supermarket chain and people were literally spitting it out and we sold the grand total of ZERO cups in 4 hours. (We usually sold at least 80)
Never again! Those 4 grams of added sugar make all the difference. And we're honest and upfront about it!

How long does Zen Monkey last?

You will get a minimum of ~30 days until expiration. So you have more than enough time to eat it. But, if 15 cups is too much, you can definitely freeze it, and it will last around one year!

Can I freeze it?

Yes, Zen Monkey can be frozen. To defrost, put it in the refrigerator a day or two before, and it'll be ready to eat. When it defrosts, Zen Monkey might be a little watery on top, so just give it a good stir and you're all set. But the taste and texture are virtually the same.

How does shipping work?

We ship Zen Monkey in premium, high quality insulated containers with frozen gel packs to keep it cool. Everything ships via UPS/Fedex and gets to you in 2-4 days from the time we ship. Please note, we only ship at the beginning of the week. We don't want the package sitting in a UPS warehouse over the weekend getting warm!
As long as you order by the weekend, you'll have your product in hand by Thursday or earlier (depending on your location). Our plant is located in San Antonio, Texas, so the closer you are to us, the shorter the shipping times. As an example, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York are Thursday deliveries. If there are ANY issues whatsoever, just call us and we'll make it right. All our insulated kits and gel packs are reusable.

Is Zen Monkey really the BEST Overnight Oats?

Yes, yes, and yes.
We've been making and selling Zen Monkey for over ten years, before the words overnight oats appeared anywhere. We are the only ones who make it the way you would at home. We don't cook the oats or use HPP. We just soak the oats in apple juice, mix in Greek yogurt and real fruit and nuts.

Do I have to make it myself?

No!!! Zen Monkey is already made and ready-to-eat. We've done all the work for you... we've soaked the oats, chopped the fruit, mixed in the yogurt... The only thing you need to do is take it out of the fridge, peel it open, and eat it!
We do NOT mix protein powder with dry oats, put it in a pouch and sell it for a hundred times more than what it costs. Those are NOT overnight oats. We also don't take the same packets of oatmeal you would buy in a pouch, put it in a plastic bowl and draw a line on the side saying "fill with milk to this line" and call it overnight oats. That needs to be called what it is... "oats!"
Zen Monkey is the real deal, plain and simple. Ready-to-Eat Overnight Oats.

Where are you based out of?

Our plant is in San Antonio, Texas. We make everything ourselves. We don't outsource our production to anybody... because well, we tried and nobody could get it right. We buy dry oats, apple juice, fruit, and yogurt... and we mix, package, and do everything in house. We are the absolute experts when it comes to making Ready to Eat Overnight Oats... ask anyone.

I have more questions. How do I find out more?

Call us. And we'll transfer you over to Eric, the Founder / CEO and he'll tell you anything you want to know! Phone number is below.